About us

Passionate about rock, punk and metal music, contemporary art and alternative fashion, Caroline has for long put these interests aside to focus on a ''more serious'' career. Arriving in her mid-thirties, she now wants to exploit her true identity, her deep nature and her somewhat rebellious personality in order to create an online store where her entrepreneurial experience will allow her to ensure the success of her brand to which she intends to give life.

'' All my life I have developed companies and I worked in formal, stilted environments, where the corporate image takes all the place. I wore tailored suits and I had to project the serious, professional businesswoman's image that conformed to the stereotypes that come with this kind of business. I worked in the real estate industry, where money leads the world, where people compare themselves by the luxury level of their car and by the number of glamor clients that their address book contains. All my life I put on the back burner what I really was, I hid my true personality to please bosses, clients and business partners. I had to play my chameleon talent and show my best smile during happy hours and endless cocktails where everyone tries to seduce new clients, sign some contracts and push their range of services to whoever wants to hear about it.

It took me a little midlife crisis (even if I was in my mid thirties) to finally understand that this sterile, cold and rigid world did not suit me anymore and that it had never actually appealed to me. I chose to combine my taste for entrepreneurship, rock music, art and trash fashion and create a career out of it. With Trashcan.rocks, I can start wearing my ripped jeans, rivet bracelets, leather jackets and black nail polish again without fear of being judged or looked down on. I can now work in a rock environment, stay who I am, to serve people like me, who are not afraid to display their marginality, to exploit their rebellious and anti-conformist personality day by day. I prefer being judged for who I am rather than being accepted for what I am not. I want, thanks to Trashcan.rocks, to offer people clothes, shoes and accessories that reflects who I am, that I hope will please the rockers of this world. It's the career, the project and the way of life that I should have chosen a long time ago. But it’s sometimes difficult to use your anarchist background to assume your deep desires when they come into conflict with the establishment and the social framework expected by the masses. Now that it’s done, I know that Trashcan.rocks will be a success since 100% of my heart, my experience, my knowledge and my time are invested in it. A company driven by passion can only generate an interesting and positive result, that's my philosophy! "

- Caroline Hebert