How to dress according to your morphology with a punk rock twist

How to dress according to your morphology with a punk rock twist



No matter if you like a punk, rock, metal, gothic or a totally conventional style, the same rules apply to your clothing if you want to maximize your assets and minimize your minor flaws. Simple and easy-to-follow basic rules will be taught here for you to make clothing choices that will adapt to your silhouette and the shape of your face to present yourself in an optimal way.


How to adapt clothing and accessories to the shape of your face


All face types can be grouped into four categories: round, square, rectangle and oval. For each of these shapes, certain types of clothing and necklaces are to be prioritized, others to avoid to obtain a harmonious result.


Round faces

The goal here is to try to lengthen the shape of your face to reduce the impression of roundness. We will therefore privilege dangling earrings, long necklaces and V-necks. You must avoid the turtlenecks, choker type necklaces and bead earrings. Click here to find great punk rock earrings, necklaces and sweaters that will fit you like a glove.


Square faces

If you have square face, your goal will be to lessen the impression of angles and try to round off the shape of your face. You should therefore favor oval shaped earrings, rounded necklaces (short or long) and O-neck tops. You can pull off the turtleneck but only if you have a long neck. Click here for goth type earrings, necklace and a top that would be perfect for you.


Triangular or V-shaped faces

You have a broad forehead, narrow cheeks and a rather pointed chin. The goal for you will be to give roundness to the bottom of your face by wearing teardrop type earrings, round necklaces and O-necks. You can easily pull off turtlenecks and choker styled necklaces. Click here for ideal jewels and sweaters for you if you like to rock.


Oval faces

You are the lucky type since everything suits you! You can wear V-necks as well as round necks and all forms of earrings and necklaces that please you. Enjoy it, you can shop for the items that are appealing to you without having to worry about the end result! Here you will find a whole punk/rock/goth collection just for you.


Ladies, you can also put your breasts in value knowing that the O-necks favor smaller breasts while the V-necks and square necks will emphasize the more generous ones.


How to choose the best alternative clothes according to your silhouette


There are five types of morphologies for all the punk and rocker ladies out there. Find the one that represents you the most and you’ll find the do’s and don’ts in order to make the best clothing choices.


The X-shaped silhouette

Also called the hourglass, this is a silhouette where the shoulders and hips are of same width and where the waist is well defined. Those having this type of body should focus on fluid materials, fit cuts, skinny pants, sleeveless tops, trapezoid skirts, wrap dresses and fitted jackets. This morphology is at its best with tight fitting clothes and by wearing a belt. It's the easiest silhouette to dress up because almost everything fits them perfectly! Alternative clothing suggestions for you: pants, tank top, skirt, jacket.


The V or inverted triangle shape

We find here people with broad shoulders, a slim waist, narrow hips and long legs. The goal for these women will be to lessen the effect of shoulder width and to drive more attention to the lower body. These women should prioritize tight pants, short skirts or shorts, patterned and printed pants. As for the top, we will want to choose sober colored sweaters and shirts with V-necks. We must avoid the horizontal striped tops and epaulets, which would give the impression of even wider shoulders and would reduce the focus on the lower body. Suggestions for the punk rock woman with V shape: pants, skirt, sweater.


The H or the rectangle shape

We are talking here about a slender body, where the hips and the shoulders are on the same alignment and where the curves and forms are almost absent, giving to this silhouette a somewhat androgynous aspect. So here we must redraw the curves and remove the absence of well-defined forms. How? By focusing on low-waisted trousers and skirts, by choosing straight dresses, sweaters and coats made of fluid material, by preferring thin straps, flared leg pants, printed or brightly colored trousers and loose dresses. Tip: a belt worn in a loose way on the hips will make a huge difference! Things to avoid: high-waisted trousers and skirts as well as fitted sweaters and dresses. Suggestions for you in our shop: top, dress, jacket, belt.


Apple morphology or O-shape

As you can imagine, this type represents a body with luscious forms, curvy, with narrow shoulders, generous breast, wide hips and bouncy buttocks. There are several tips for lengthening and defining the O-silhouette to reduce the curves and focus the eye towards its strengths. Among other things, it will be necessary to favor revealing low-cut necklines, V-necks, fluid clothes that fit the silhouette without being too tight, sober and dark monochrome tones, long necklaces, long-length scarves and high heels. For a better effect, you must avoid at all costs heavily printed clothes, bright colors (except for accessories), molding materials, stretch and shiny fabrics, round necks and chocker type necklaces. Unlike the tendency that many people showing an O-morphology take to hide their curves, wearing clothes that are too wide and too loose is not recommended. The goal is not to camouflage you but to put your assets to your advantage! See here the suggestions of alternative clothing chosen for you: top, pants, boots.


The A-silhouette

This is the fifth and last type of morphology, also called pyramidal. It is represented by thin shoulders and wide hips. The goal for these women should be to drive attention on their breast and to minimize the impact of wide hips by refining them. We therefore recommend tight and round chockers (if the shape of the face allows it), straight trousers, trapezoid dresses, thin straps and V-necks. Printed trousers, wide belts and bright colors are to be avoided. Suggestions for the rocker woman of type A: necklace, pants, dress, top.


Finally, here are some tips and tricks to reduce and lengthen your size if you are one of those who find themselves too tall or too short. For very tall people, it goes without saying that you must avoid high heels. It is also recommended to vary the color of the top and bottom to break the effect of length. For short people, it’s of course the opposite. High heels and similar color schemes are advocated to create a sense of height. You can also opt for high-waisted pants, short skirts and dresses as well as vertical striped patterns.


You now have all the information you need to show off a look that fits your silhouette! We wish you great and pleasant shopping times!


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